The best performing
and most comfortable Infratherapy
on the market

Infrared domes – performance makes all the difference

Our dome are designed for intensive, repeated use, making them suitable for professionals.

The most powerful equipment of its kind on the market

With its 1,570 watts of power, it can reach the target temperature in under 7 minutes and does not require pre-heating.

Vital Tech’s innovative technology

Our domes’ exclusive regulator system uses pulsed current and guarantees several safety levels. With an intuitive, simple design, it is the only system to provide the wavelength of the heat emitted from the Black Carbon panels in real time. The temperature can be fully adjusted from 37°C to 80°C depending on the desired goal.

The regulator system offers a choice of 36 specific treatment programmes and operators may also create their own protocols based on their customers’ needs.

No other models on the market afford such precision and flexibility.

Our domes' energy consumption

This is the most powerful equipment on the market and yet it has the lowest energy consumption: 540 W, so each session costs just 5 euro cents in electricity.

The most comfortable infrared dome

Inspired by the golden ratio, the Vital Dome’s parabolic shape is in perfect harmony with the curves of the human body. During their session, users are free to move and stretch; there is no risk of claustrophobia.

The heated mattress makes it possible to adopt the most comfortable position throughout the session. 

The heat evenly envelops the entire body thanks to the 4 heated zones (back, chest, legs and feet).

Vital Dome is spacious; it is designed for all body types (lengths exceed 2 m).

Made in France

Vital Dome is entirely designed and manufactured in France using the finest materials. The techniques and technologies used were chosen based on our commitment to sustainable development and fair trade. Our suppliers are all FSC-certified or certified with the Carbon Reduction Label.