Custom-made Vital Dome

Customised to suit your company or environment

sauna japonais personnalisé

Custom-made far-infrared domes

Quality finishes
We design our products ourselves, so if you would like to choose a particular type of leather or wood we can make you an original Japanese sauna to match the environment you have created. 

You can also choose to have your logo or initials added to your dome to give it its own personality.

Choose from the multitude of colours and high-quality materials on offer to design your dome exactly as you want it.

Open dome: 250 x 76 cm

Closed dome: 230 x 76 cm
Table height: 47 cm


Our custom-made infratherapy domes all meet the same efficiency and safety criteria.


Health spas. Infratherapy that matches the company’s visual identity.

Sauna destiné aux enseigne en marque blanche

Golf & country clubs. An infrared dome that meets the expectations of customers looking to recover after physical effort.


Thalassotherapy centres. Vital Dome is the perfect complement to the range of therapeutic treatments.


Why buy a Vital Dome

Comfort and performance

The most efficient infratherapy

  • Temperature regulation
  • Heated mattress
  • Low energy consumption
  • Spacious sauna


The most profitable equipment

  • Recurring revenue
  • New customer base
  • Regular customers
  • A high net margin
  • Low energy consumption

Customer service

Assistance and advice

  • Designing your space
  • Product training
  • Marketing and sales support

Manufacturer’s warranty

As the manufacturer, Vital Tech provides a guarantee

  • Replacement of faulty parts
  • Labour
  • Travel costs

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