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Tony Parker 's japonese sauna


Pro Basketball Player – NBA

“Thanks to my Vital Dome, I recover faster after each match. Despite a busy game schedule, my performance is always better.”

gwendal-peizerat try the Vital Dome 's sauna


Figure Skater 
World Champion in 2000

laura-flessel test infrared sauna


Five-time Olympic medallist

choose the Vital Dome ather than Iyashi dome

Yvan Bourgnon

Professional Skipper

“I’m preparing my next round-the-world voyage on a sports catamaran (first ever), leaving on 6 October 2013, by alternating Vital Dome and physical preparation.”


Zebu try the Japanese sauna

Zabou Breitman

Actress & Film Director

“I use the Vital Dome regularly. It is aptly named, because thanks to it I manage to keep my figure and relax efficiently. For me, deep detoxing is vital and essential because it improves my skin and makes my body firmer. It should be done as often as possible to keep in shape!”

karine lima infrared sauna

Karine Lima

Actress & Film Director

“My Vital Dome brings me pure well-being! Between shoots, I need to recharge my batteries and regenerate. Thanks to my Vital Dome, I achieve real balance and that helps me to manage stress and occasional overindulging. I benefit from specific treatments to detoxify my body and trim my silhouette. It is my ideal and essential tool for beauty and well-being.”

gabriella-wright japonese sauna

Gabriella Wright