Wellness, by the French leader of infratherapy

Detox, Anti-aging, Slimness, Relaxation, Sleep Quality

Vital Tech was built with the ambition of reinventing infratherapy with French quality standard requirements in terms of conception and design, craftsmanship and quality control.

The result: exclusive infratherapy protocols embedded in high-end equipment through a patented innovative technology

Performance and comfort of French high-end equipment

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Our infratherapy domes  are designed for intensive, repeated use, making them suitable for professionals.

Benefits of Vital Dome and clinical studies

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The well-being equipment that offers the greatest number of clinically proven benefits.

Advantages and profitability of Vital Dome

By investing in a Vital Dome equipment, you will expand the range of well-being services and increase profitability.

Vital Tech is a company that was built with product excellence as its primary aim

and with the ambition of enhancing infratherapy through French design, technology and traditional craftsmanship.