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The infrared sauna: a solution to aid recovery after strenuous exercise

The Japanese sauna for athletes

The infrared sauna is an excellent piece of equipment for high-level athletes. 

The Vital Dome Japanese sauna is recommended to help prepare the body for sport and to aid recovery afterwards.

This hands-free treatment is easy to use and suitable for all body types.

Custom infrared sauna made for Tony Parker

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Tony Parker Japanese sauna Vital Dome

The benefits of the Vital Dome Japanese sauna

Japanese sauna and recovery after sport

The Japanese sauna improves athlete recovery and imposes no particular limitations:

  • Can be used by anyone (even people who don’t cope well with heat)
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Pre-workout preparation: reduces warm-up time
  • Post-workout recovery: reduces aches, stiffness and fatigue
  • Stress management
  • Drainage: eliminates toxins and excess acidity

A good reason to invest in a Japanese sauna

Improve your performance while caring for your health.

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Tony Parker 's japonese sauna

“Thanks to my Vital Dome, I recover faster after each match. Despite a busy game schedule, my performance is always better.”

- Tony Parker - Pro Basketball Player – NBA