Using a sauna at a golf club

The infrared sauna: a solution for well-being

Enhance your clubhouse by adding a Vital Dome sauna

Create a space devoted to well-being and recovery within your golf club.

Offer a new service to your golfers.

Attract new customers.

Enjoy the benefits of a hands-free treatment that does not require the presence of personnel while it is being used. 

As the sauna is efficient and easy to use, your teams can be trained quickly.

The Vital Dome sauna can be custom-made: adapt it to your environment.

A custom-made Vital Dome sauna at the Bethemont Golf & Country Club

clubhouse'Japanese sauna for golfers
Individual sauna room in clubhouse

The benefits of a Japanese sauna for your customers


What could be more natural than enjoying a relaxing moment after a round of golf? The Japanese sauna can provide well-being and relaxation in just 30 minutes: 

  • Can be used by anyone (even people who don’t cope well with heat)
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Stress reduction: improves sleep quality
  • Regeneration: anti-ageing effect
  • Drainage: eliminates toxins and stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms
  • Post-workout recovery: prepares the body for exercise and reduces aches and stiffness.

4 reasons to invest in a Japanese sauna:

Simple to install

Our saunas need at least 5 m2 of space and a power socket.

Time efficient

Our saunas do not require extra personnel or even a shower.

Profitable and long-lasting

Get an immediate return on investment, from the very first sessions. Increase your turnover.

Assistance and support

Our marketing and sales teams can help you with your project.